Walkabout 3 - Fern Gully

This is a very special place to me. Every time I visit this spot the view takes my breath away. You may remember seeing this location from In Hearts Wakes' film clip 'Divine.' I was first taken here by a girl many years ago and I ended up asking her to star in the clip!

This time around I took my best mate Jack who hadn't been hiking in a while, safe to say we both enjoyed it. The hike began on an old fire trail, crazy to think that most roads in the Northern Rivers started off like this. The forest is luscious and full of life, a large black snake even shot across the path in front of us. We journeyed down a wide creek bed leapfrogging streams and rock pools. We came across some deep baths which were a perfect pit stop to cool off in. 

When you finally walk out upon the edge of the waterfall you get to witness the view. This has to be one of my favourite spots in the world. Looking up the valley you can see many layers of rainforest, cliffs, and rolling hills. Rumour has it that the lady who wrote 'Fern Gully' based the story off this valley. If I had a view like this everyday I'd write a book too.... Not a bad place to spend a Sunday.



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