Walkabout 6 - Yuraygri

One of my favourite past times in this beautiful country of ours is spent adventuring outdoors among the elements of nature.
There's nothing quite like packing a bag with the essentials (swag, camera gear, hammock, food ECT) and heading out into the natural world for a few days, really helps to put life into perspective.   
Yuraygri National Park covering 313 Square Kilometers of the NSW coastline is one of my favourite places to explore, from its unique sandy rock cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, to its vast bushy landscapes filled with Aussie bush creatures, it truly captures the essence of Australia. 
As a Photographer, camping and being able to surround myself with nature at all times of the day and night, really helps to capture the best images possible.
Camping ritual involves, usually waking up half an hour before sunrise, rekindling the fire and scouting my location for the best vantage point for the first glow of the new day 
This particular image was taken 15 minutes prior to sunrise on the headland overlooking the ocean as a lone surfer checks the morning waves.
Days here are spent surfing, hiking, exploring and lounging around in the hammock with very little civilization insight. I will usually check out the area on a topographic map to suss spots to explore before heading out, although there’s nothing quite like stumbling upon one of natures hidden beauties, as pictured below.
Water drips from the roof of a beautiful cave found on the beach on low tide after an hour hike away from camp.  
 As evening rolls around and the sun has taken its dive behind the mountain ranges, I grab my torch, camera and tripod and head out for an hour or 2 to explore the nighttime sky.  The great thing about rural locations such as this is that there is very little light pollution in the sky, ideal for star photography. Here's the Milky Way showing all its glory under a moonless sky.
There’s something eerily beautiful about being in nature in complete darkness, especially by the sounds of the roaring sea. Here are a couple of mates exploring the ocean under a star lit sky.
Nothing like spending a few nights, on your own out in the natural world but whenever I can; I try and take friends along for the adventure. Camping is a great bonding experience, not only with the earth we live on but also for furthering and strengthening friends and relationships. So get out and explore the world you live in, your bed at home will always be there tomorrow.  
Photos and Words by Oliver Rudloff. 
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