Walkabout 7 - Andorra

Andorra by Shaina Bostin
 Nothing makes me happier than to breathe in some fresh air and become immersed in what mother nature has created. Since I first held a camera aged 13 and travelled around Australia with my family, I have grown to learn and respect the many diverse cultures, traditions, values and lifestyles of people I meet throughout my journeys. 
Having a healthy obsession for photography and people, I have gained endless opportunities to go places, meet people and learn new/expand on existing skills. Whether it is a solo adventure or more importantly sharing it with someone close to you. As a photographer and wanderer, I have an ongoing challenge with myself to capture the underrated views, found through research or spontaneous turns and detours. This adventure involved two very close girlfriends taking some time away from the hustle bustle of Toulouse, France and road tripping through Andorra. 
Andorra is located in the Eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by France and Spain. It is a small independent European country compromising an alpine landscape of high and rugged peaks, deep valleys, hidden blue-toned lakes, waterfalls, and photogenic villages. Perfect for the snow sports enthusiasts, hikers, photographers and of course shoppers (tax free haven). 
Our journey began in Sant Julià de Lòria, arriving late afternoon to an amazing Airbnb called Casita en la Montaña; we were welcomed with floor to ceiling windows of a “pinch-me” view. Sunset was approaching and we decided to set off higher into the mountain range to gain a better understanding of this magnificent landscape. We stopped alongside the road in awe and excitement of what other surprises lay in store.
The following morning I woke up early for a solo mission to chase the sunrise and scout locations for brand collaborations. I drove higher towards the mountain of Aixirivall. As I reached the top and began to drive down the other side I was greeted with the new sun highlighting the winding road and mountain tops on the horizon. I pulled over, stood on the edge and just listened.
It was such a surreal moment. I began to reminisce on how lucky and blessed I truly am, the ups and downs that got me to standing here in awe of what was around me.
 The following days were full of hyped emotions as we discovered what Andorra had available. There were countless diversions that led to the perfect locations to fulfil our projects. Where natural lighting and the environment played joyfully in front of us.
I am truly grateful for the friends I have, who support and encourage me to thrive in almost any situation. I have known Sheridyn for a few years now and you could probably say we have followed each other around the globe. It’s a strong friendship full of honesty, inspiration and motivation to grow to our full potential. Being able to share this adventure with her was been a blessing filled with laughter.
 It is such a great gift to have - the freedom and ability to step into the outdoors, the willingness to learn about the many ecosystems that have assisted in the well-being of the natural environment and human life holis­­tically. To learn to appreciate where you are, how you got here and the welcome feeling you receive while exploring the world. It encourages you to want to do good for the environment, help out in any possible way to prevent further harm and disruptions to the world.
Written by Shaina Bostin
Instagram @shainabostin
Website www.shainarosebostin.com



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