Walkabout 9 - Big Bear

Driving into Big Bear, I was overwhelmed by the deep blue color of the lake. A small ocean tucked away between the pine covered California mountains. Huge grey boulders stuck out of the water like frozen orcs, ancient yet alive. We were on a road trip, two old friends and two new ones. The sight of the lake, mountains, pine trees and American style shop fronts, shook off any restlessness we had left of the 2.5 hour drive from Los Angeles. We pointed at the quirky houses that had huge wooden sculptures of bears on them and gasped at the greenery of the hills up ahead. “This is so American!” we exclaimed, as if our collective fantasy of adventuring into a small American pioneer town had finally come true.
Once we arrived at our ‘Cabin in the woods’ we immediately responded to the weather. The altitude meant for harder breathing, conscious breathing, it took a while to acclimate and it  heightened our awareness, and sharpened our ability to become present. Once everyone found their spots around the cabin, I went to find the spirit of the land.  The garden held an unspeakably strong energy that was almost too powerful to handle. Maybe it was the exhaustion or the altitude but as soon as I went out the back I could feel it. The back yard was a bed of pine needles, with towering pine trees and tiny soft flowers everywhere; pale orange, lilac, yellow daisies, dandelions, pine cones and long grass. A nostalgic kind of garden. I took it to the team that we needed to go say hello to the lake, and go swim in the water to wash away the city, dive deeper into the spirit of the land.
We went for a drive around the spectacular lake, lush, green, a small house town hidden away. Miles above the dry San Bernardino city. When we arrived, there were a few tourists and the water seemed to be disturbed by their fishing. We dipped in the water none the less. After that, the sun started to sleep behind the tallest of the mountains and the bugs came out to play.  After a long sunny day of travel, we finally were able to sit outside in silence. Nothing but a few crickets.  There is nothing like the peace it brings me to hear nothing. Away from the lights. It helps me to see more clearly.



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