Firekeeper Workshop

Fire gave birth to civilization as we know it.
It is the fundamental element in cooking, heating, lighting, purifying, forging tools, and powering villages. Without fire, you literally wouldn’t be here. Tasked with the role of keeping this knowledge alive, it was the firekeepers that enabled families to thrive.
Yet despite the critical role of fire in our lives, we find ourselves dependent on modern forms of ignition that create a false sense of security and are detrimental to the planet. But what happens when the power goes out?
How resilient are we as a culture when our primitive firekeepers are few and far between?
Some of you dream of going off-grid and living more sustainably but without the knowledge of primitive fire, you will always be tied to a system that profits from your lack of power.
This is why fire is the ultimate teacher. It wakes up a power lying dormant in your DNA that is your innate birthright. When you can make fire with nothing but your bare hands and materials from the land, you realise that you are capable of much more that you’ve been told.
In this workshop, we will help you to reclaim the lost art and skill of primitive fire-making that sustained our communities for millennia. By investing in a relationship with this divine ally, you will begin to meet your true power as an earth-connected human being.
Guided by expert mentors, you will:
🔥 Learn how to create fire by friction using the hand drill technique
🔥 Craft a personal fire kit to take home
🔥 Learn basic carving skills and knife safety
🔥 Participate in a fire-inspired Winter Solstice ceremony
🔥 Practice sensory awareness skills for deepening your understanding of and connection to the natural world
🔥 Cultivate a right relationship with fire
🔥 Share a nourishing Solstice meal with like-minded people
🌳 Plus Earthwalker will plant one tree for every student.
Will you step up as a firekeeper and light the way in right relationship with fire?
Book now and take your place around the campfire.
Spaces are very limited and will sell out.
10am - 7pm, Sunday 20th June 2021
Bangalow NSW, Bundjalung Country, Australia.
Exact address upon booking.
Carpooling is encouraged.
Jake Taylor is the founder of Earthwalker and frontman of the Aria nominated band, In Hearts Wake. Inspired by his deep love, awareness and connection for the natural world, Jake has planted over 21,000 trees through his eco-outdoor brand, Earthwalker. Jake has studied both survival and philosophy skills at Tom Brown Jnr’s Tracking Survival School in the USA, wilderness teacher training at Nature Philosophy Australia, and currently works as nature connection mentor with Wildsong in Northern Rivers, NSW.
This workshop is a collaboration between Earthwalker and Wildsong.
Early Bird: $99 (ends Sunday 30th May, 11:59pm)
General: $111
Price per person 13 years and over. Kids aged 12 and under are welcome, however participation is not included and parents/carers will be 100% responsible for guardianship.
Your investment includes:
🔥All workshop materials and tuition
🔥Dinner (vegetarian/vegan and gluten free)
🔥 Tea and Coffee
🔥Facilities (i.e bathroom, drinking water)
🌳A tree planted in your honour by Earthwalker.



Sold Out